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Copying Content with a Panopto Integration

Panopto integration with Canvas is tied to a specific course and semester. If you have a Canvas course integrated with Panopto, and you copy that content from one course to another, you’ll need to delete the integration. Once deleted, you can integrate with Panopto and move/copy your videos to the new Panopto folder. For example:

  • My Spring course is integrated with Panopto and I have 10 videos in that Panopto folder.
  • I copy the content from Spring to Fall semester within Canvas.
  • The Panopto integration is now broken as it’s linking to the previous semester, so my current students do not have access
  • I delete the module with the old Panopto integration BEFORE clicking to add new Panopto integration.
  • I then integrate with Panopto using the online instructions. (Integrate Panopto Files into Canvas)
  • I can now copy/move my videos from my Spring Panopto folder to my Fall Panopto folder. (How to Move Session [Panopto Demo] or How To Move Session [Documentation])

If you have any questions, please call us at 844-5181.

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