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Canvas Conferences via Big Blue Button and Chrome 27

From Instructure:

We’re passing along a troubleshooting tip from our friends at Big Blue Button this morning. Here’s the quick version: Chrome 27 includes a new security provision that adds a second prompt users must click to allow BBB to access their webcam and microphone when joining a conference.

And here’s the longer version, from BBB:

Last week when Google updated Chrome to version 27, they added a prompt in Chrome for permission to access the user’s webcam in microphone.

Canvas users will see the prompt appear just below the address line (see screen shot below).


This prompt is in addition to the Flash Security Manager which prompts for access to the webcam in microphone (shown below).


Google indicates they added their own prompt to Chrome for greater security.

Bottom line: users now need to accept two prompts to grant BigBlueButton access to their webcam and microphone.

Most users will see the second prompt appear, but in case you get a support request where a user states that can’t access their microphone in Canvas conferences anymore, check to see if they are using Chrome and haven’t given permission.

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