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Discussion Date Unlock Bug in Canvas

From Instructure:

Some discussion topics and announcements that are “locked until” are not unlocking as intended


An instructor has set a discussion or announcement to unlock on a certain date / time. The indicated date / time passes, and the discussion or announcement does not unlock as it should. Students who try to access the discussion are shown an “unauthorized” message.

Spotting features

A student reports that they cannot access a discussion that their teacher has told them should be available. Checking the “unlock” date on the discussion confirms it should be available. Masquerading as a student in the course confirms that students see unauthorized messages.


Edit the discussion. Change the unlock date (move it backward one day to the day before the original unlock date). Save the change. If desired, edit the discussion again and change back to the original unlock date.

Reporting status

We have enough examples of this problem for our Engineering team to go on, so you can fix these as they appear using the workaround above. There’s currently no need to escalate more examples.

Fix status

Our engineers have identified the root cause of this issue. They are actively developing a fix. We will release it as soon as possible.

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