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i>clicker and Canvas Help

The following is out-of-date. Please see the i>clicker support page for help on i>clickers.

From i>clicker:

You may be experiencing an issue with the i>clicker/Canvas manual import/export, depending on the student ID that you’re having your students register with. The integration currently maps the gradebook information to the student’s Canvas ID, but there are two other possible IDs in a Canvas user’s profile that your campus may be using for their roster ID. These values are named SIS ID and SIS Login ID and are already part of the import/export file. If you are using one of these other IDs, you will not see any remote registrations when syncing with Canvas.

We are addressing this issue as part of the i>clicker v6.2.2 release that will be out mid-Fall. In the meantime, here are the steps instructors should take as a workaround:

Exporting Roster from Canvas:

  1. Follow user guide to export, save, and name the Canvas gradebook csv in the proper folder.
  2. Open the file, copy the student data from either the “SIS ID” or “SIS Login ID” column (whichever one the instructor has asked students to register with) and paste it into the “ID” column. Do not change the column header names.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Follow sync steps as described in user guide.

Importing Scores to Canvas:

  1. Follow the user guide to export scores from i>grader.
  2. Open the Uploadfile.csv, delete the student data in the “ID” column. Make sure to leave the empty column with “ID” header.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Follow sync steps as described in user guide.

If you have any questions, contact i>clicker at  Technical Support: 866.209.5698  M-F 8am-10pm CST or

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