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Update on Canvas Outage on Aug. 20th

As of 7:30 am Tuesday morning, Canvas seems to be working normally; AU is not experiencing slowness.

In case you’re curious, here’s what happened:

From Instructure at 9:54 pm Monday:

The slowness today was due to maxed out CPUs on one of our database servers.  Today we brought up two additional database servers and tested them with different configurations.  This evening we’ll be applying the more performant [sic] configuration to the affected database.

From Instructure at 11:29 pm Monday:

The database hardware migration was a success.  The system is up and running and page load times have been reduced.  We will continue to monitor the system throughout the night and as usage increases tomorrow morning.

While the hardware switch was a success we don’t expect all performance issues to be resolved and we’re actively working toward splitting more customers into their own databases, which we believe will have the greatest impact.  In the meantime we will look for long-running queries and other opportunities to optimize the system for best performance.

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