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Major Change to Auburn’s Instance of Canvas

Auburn University has identified a potential security breech involving Canvas and has taken action to solve it: Because anyone can be added to any Canvas course with just an email address, we have disabled the teacher’s ability to add anyone to any Canvas course.

We know this will inconvenience many faculty members, but the following problems will be prevented:

  • TAs being added incorrectly (via an email address instead of just the username causes the creation of another account that is not authenticated)
  • Non-AU people being added to Canvas courses as teachers, TAs, Course Designers, and/or Observers; this is a FERPA violation
  • Undergraduates being added as TAs, also a FERPA violation
  • Technical staff members being added as teachers and TAs, also a FERPA violation

The following procedures are now in place:

  • To add a teacher: This person must have faculty status in Banner and be added to the course through Banner
  • To add a TA: A graduate student must be an approved by the department. To have a TA added to a course, contact IMG. IMG will verify the approval and the TA will be added within 24 hours.
  • To add a technical staff member for support in a course: Contact IMG. Technical staff will be added as a Course Designers only.
  • To add anyone as an Observer: Contact IMG. Only AU faculty and staff may be added as Observers.

Please contact IMG at 844-5181 if you have any questions.

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