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iClicker and Canvas

The following is out-of-date. Please see the i>clicker support page for help on i>clickers.

The i>clicker/Canvas integration is up and running! To find the instructions, please click on this link and look for “Canvas” under “Instructor CMS Import/Export User Guides”:

Students WILL need to know their Canvas ID number to register their clickers/complete the integration. Students can find their Canvas ID number in one of two ways:

  1. Find it themselves
  2. Find it published as a grade – this involves faculty publishing the number through the grade book.

IMG has created two help files that explain each process:

  1. (Students) Find out your Canvas ID
  2. (Faculty) How to publish your students’ iClicker ID

Please feel free to include a link to the student “How to find your Canvas ID” in your Canvas courses.

Both are available on the Canvas Help pages: Faculty Help or Student Help

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