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Canvas Update (08.04.12)

New Features

Updated Notifications Page

The notifications page now as a new, cleaned up look and feel. We’ve grouped the notifications into logical categories and added descriptions of the notifications when you hover over them. I’ve attached an image of the new page to this email. You can also download it here.

Mark Submission Comments as “unread”

When a student creates a comment on an assignment submission it updates the communication stream in messages and marks that thread as unread. For large classes some have wanted to turn this feature off so they can only review submission comments in context when grading the assignments. Now you can do this; under notifications, un-check the box to “mark new as unread” and you will no longer see an unread message in messages. You can see this on the new notifications page here (this is checked by default):

Files Notification

The files notification feature is back, you can now get a notification in canvas when files are uploaded/updated. Every 10 minutes we check for files that haven’t been notified yet, and if the newest of these is at least five minutes old, then all of them go into a single notification. The idea is that we will send only one notification for many file changes made at the same time. This notification is currently off by default.

Sub-Account Branding

You are now able to use a different CSS style sheet for sub-accounts. This will allow you to create department specific branding if you so choose. Keep in mind that if a student is taking courses in different sub accounts the branding will change as they view different courses in Canvas, so it may be best to only make small changes between sub-accounts. You can make this update in the account settings page:


API Updates

Favorite Courses API

You can now get the course favorites people have set in Canvas through the API. This is the custom list of courses people create from the total course list.

You can read more here:


Bugs Fixed

Students Can Create Group Announcements Once More

Corrected issue where students were unable to create group announcements.

Assignments Due Near Midnight Display Properly in Week View in Calendar 2

Corrected issue where assignments due near midnight were rendering improperly in the week view.

TA’s Can No Longer Conclude Courses

Corrected a situation where TA’s could conclude a course.

For Group Assignments Where a File is Uploaded That Filename is Now Displayed for All Group Members

Corrected an issue where group members not responsible for uploading the assignment file would correctly show they had turned in the assignment, but did not display the filename of the assignment uploaded by the submitting group member.

Viewing Grading Schemes Displays In Same Vertical Height As When Editing Them

Expanded the vertical height when viewing grading schemes to match the height displayed when editing them.

Student Module Progression Button is Always Displayed for Teachers

The Student Module Progression button is now always displayed, whether no students have progressed through the modules yet or if everyone has completed them all.

Concluded Students are Now Removed From Collaborations and Conferences

Corrected an issue where students, whose enrollment had been concluded, were still showing up in Collaborations and Conferences as valid participants.

Automatic Forwarding of Cross-Listed Courses

If a user is enrolled in a crosslisted section, and tries to access the course homepage with the original course’s id, they will be redirected to the homepage of the course that now contains the crosslisted section.

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