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C2/Auburn – the replacement for Open Blackboard – is now available to departments, units, and programs interested in using Canvas. Auburn has a limited-seat license for this instance of Canvas which is separate from the Banner instance of Canvas currently being used on campus.

Procedures for and use of C2/Auburn are a bit different from Open Blackboard:

Courses that run in C2 must be:

  • Directly related to University academic concerns and offerings,
  • Sponsored by a unit or individual employed by the University,
  • Approved by a department head or supervisor

Policies for C2:

  • No courses listed in the official University bulletin (for credit hours) will run in C2
  • 1 seat = 1 enrollment per course (i.e.: one student enrolled in 2 courses = 2 seats)
    • Units can purchase seats in 25-seat blocks, renewable every year (encouraged, but not required)
    • Units receive one additional seat for a teacher/admin role for each 25 seats purchased
  • Courses will be setup after funds for seats are billed. Units delinquent in paying for seats will have all student accounts suspended until payment is made.

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