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Important info about Voice Boards

Stacey Powell, a poweruser of Wimba products at Auburn, shares some important information about Voice Boards and Blackboard:

If you have Bb sites with Wimba Voice Boards, please read this message very carefully:

When you copy old Bb sites into Development sites or into your new sites for this semester, please be very careful with the Voice Boards.

Recently, Bb has started behaving a little differently with regards to the Voice Boards.  Instead of having broken links that serve as automatic reminders for you to delete the old links and add new Voice Boards  for the new course, Bb is suddenly just adding a link to your Voice Boards from the older course site.  What this means is that you will see a Voice Board that looks exactly like the one from your previous course with all student postings.  DO NOT DELETE STUDENT POSTINGS FROM THIS BOARD.  If you do, you will be deleting the student postings from the original Voice Board in your older course site.

INSTEAD, MAKE SURE YOU DELETE THE LINK TO THE OLD VOICE BOARDS AND CREATE NEW ONES.  You will have to import any recording prompts that you wish to reuse.

Now, if you have not set up your Spring 2011 sites yet and are planning to take care of that this week, you may not suffer from this problem.

If you see a message that says, “”This section was created with Wimba Voice Tool content from a template or from another section. New blank tools are being created for you for this section. Be sure to re-record any content in these tools” then you are fine and may use the new, empty Voice Boards that are created.

Bottom line:  if you see Voice Board content in your new course that should not be there – do not delete the content.  Instead, delete the Voice Board and start over with a fresh, new Board.

Deleted student Voice Board content cannot be recovered.

Please contact Stacey Powell (powelst) with  any questions.

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