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Wimba Classroom and Mac Java issues

From Wimba:

The most recent release of Mac OS X release of Java 1.6.0_22 appears to contain a bug that has resulted in issues with entering a Wimba Classroom session.  This affects only users on a Mac OS X who have accepted the newest Java Updates, all other users will continue to access Wimba Classroom without an issues.

After performing Java Update 3 (version 1.6.0_22) on Mac OS X 10.6 or Java Update 8 (version 1.6.0_22) on Mac OS X 10.5, when logging into Wimba Classroom, the browser will not progress pass the initial screen that says, “One moment, please.  Loading…”   To resolve this issue, users should completely exit and restart the browser and access Classroom again.  Normally the browser will allow you to enter Wimba Classroom, but you will experience this problem on any subsequent logins to Wimba Classroom therefore you will have to exit and restart your browser each time you join a Wimba Classroom session.  A patch has been developed that works around this issue.  The patch will be released and rolled out to hosted clients as soon as possible. The patch will be transparent and will not require downtime.  Our goal is to have this patch fully tested and into production before Sunday, November 7th.

We will continue to update our Support Portal with additional information as we obtain it.

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