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Important dates for WebCT, WebCT Toolkit, and Blackboard Users

The campus license for WebCT expires this summer. Please note the following dates:

July  11, 2008: Last day courses on OPEN WebCT will be available. Faculty will not have access to Open WebCT courses beginning July 12, 2008. All courses should be migrated to an Open Blackboard.

August 10, 2008: Last day faculty will have access to WebCT and WebCT Toolkit. All classes in WebCT should be migrated to AU Access Blackboard (see online instructions here: ).

Faculty will need to use Blackboard Toolkit after this date. Blackboard Toolkit is located here: .

Blackboard Users: July 31, 2008 is the last day faculty will have access to courses on the old Auburn institution in Blackboard (currently labeled “Older integrated Blackboard courses”). These are classes faculty created and used before Banner and Blackboard were integrated in Fall 2007. Faculty who have not requested these courses be transferred to the AU Access institution must do so by July 28, 2008. Instructions for transferring course to AU Access Blackboard are here: .

Please call IMG for help with migrating courses, transferring courses, or with any questions you have: 844-5181.

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