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Tech Bit #29 – Producer

Tech  Bit

Podcasting just became easier – at least for Mac users. You’ll see a new option when you request an Authenticated AU iTunes class; we’re asking whether you’ll be using Producer, a server-side application that uses a workflow to process a file, add customized elements, convert to uniform resolution, and publish podcasts to AU iTunes.

Auburn now has Producer running on a local server, enabling Mac users to use Capture to create podcasts and publish them to any AU iTunes course, public or Authenticated. PC users will benefit, too; you can use Producer to upload to any AU iTunes course without having to log in to iTunes.

If you check one of the two buttons on the new Authenticated AU iTunes Class request form, a Producer workflow will be created for you. IMG will send instructions for setting up your Mac and how to use Producer from a PC when we send confirmation of the creation of your Authenticated course.

Workshops for Mac users are being offered this summer; check the IMG Workshops page for days, times, and registration information.

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