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Tech Spotlight – Dr. Ed Loewenstein

Dr. Ed Loewenstein

Dr. Ed Loewenstein

I really think that multimedia allows me to modify and improve my teaching in a much more timely fashion. It gives a better idea of what the students are learning and what they are not. It allows me to organize things in a much better fashion.

While a typical class in the forestry department’s Silviculture course is spent outdoors, technology is still a very useful and influential component for teaching this course.

Dr. Loewenstein has found that using a flip camera to take pictures and capture video has been useful for his course. Most students are able to participate in outdoor activities, but others may have limitations to such activities. The video footage is thus an essential component for students with disabilities. The video footage from the flip camera, which has a usb interface, may also be uploaded to YouTube.

When students are indoors for a class lecture, the class typically starts out with a quiz. However, no paper, pencils or pens are needed for this one thanks to the i>clicker. The i>clicker is an audience response system that allows for the instructor to display the quiz questions to poll the class. With answering tools which resemble remote controls, students select from the multiple choice options which are immediately sent to a receiver to calculate the results. The results from the quiz are immediately displayed in real time on the board as students anonymously submit their response. This approach to using the i>clicker allows for the professor to check on the amount of information that students have retained from previous class lectures. Respondus is yet another assessment tool which can be accessed online. On this website, instructors may create quizzes to either be printed or uploaded to Blackboard.

Dr. Ed Loewenstein is an Associate Professor of Silviculture in the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. He projects that Google Wave and distance learning will increase in importance in relation to his courses and similar courses over the years.

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