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Tech Spotlight – Dr. Sue Berry

Dr. Sue Berry

Dr. Sue Berry

Whenever there is something new to learn, I send my GTA’s to IMG.
IMG does alot of training for my GTA’s.

While there are only about five students in the actual classroom, Dr. Barry’s class is full when counting her distance students. Ranging across a five-state area, distance students in her course combine with her local students to fill-up the class.

In order to do this, Wimba Live Classroom is the primary tool used to allow local and distance students to communicate and collaborate on class assignments. Wimba Live Classroom offers several methods of communication including document sharing, live talking, and live chatting through typing. Using this program, students are able to share their computer screens so that other classmates may view documents, videos, and other items that are related to the discussion for the day. Equipped with a laptop and headphones, classroom students along with distance students can respond to one another in the appropriate foreign language. Each class session is recorded and streamed live through Real Player and Java with the help of GTA’s Katherine Taylor and Meaghan Boyd. There are also several back-up options for saving recorded lessons, including DVD copies. Blackboard is also useful for large group assignments where students need to collaborate on work using the chat feature. While classroom students are engaged in online communication with distance students, Dr. Barry is able to pull up the discussions on the classroom computer to display on the overhead projector. This allows her to keep up with the chat discussions and moderate them when necessary.

Dr. Sue Barry is an associate professor for secondary foreign language education and program coordinator for distance education in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. She considers the program’s use of multimedia as unique at the university and foresees the expansion of such uses.

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