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Tech Spotlight – Dr. Susan Waters

Dr. Susan Waters

Dr. Susan Waters

I like using multimedia because I like things that are current.
As teachers, we need to be current.

Most professors would censure the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media tools in the classroom. And while such social media sites can be distracting from class, there are ways in which they may be incorporated into classroom lessons and activities.

In the Social Media course taught by Dr. Susan Waters here at Auburn University, it is not uncommon to occasionally find students with blogs, Twitter, and other popular forms of social media pulled up on their computers. Through research and application, students in this class are learning how not only to use social media for their own personal exposure, but they are also learning how they can apply their social media frenzy to internships and work experience. Blogging is the main project that these students are working on. At the beginning of the semester, the class created blog accounts for free using either Blogger or WordPress. Each week, the students post blogs based on the different social media tools that are covered in class. Since a primary question that employers ask nowadays revolves around social media, blogging and other forms of social networking are important skills to have. One student in the class attested to the fact that knowing how to use social media helped in gaining an internship offer. Blogging allows for professors and students to be exposed to newer and more exciting experiences dealing with assignments while also preparing students for a skill that is becoming more commonly sought after in the business world.

Dr. Susan Waters is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication & Journalism. She encourages her students to learn the basics of social media; pushing them forward to explore creative and other aspects of social media research.

Faculty are reminded to check FERPA issues before requiring the use of any social media.

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