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Tech Spotlight – Dr. John S. Jahera, Jr.

Dr. John S. Jahera,   Jr.

Dr. John S. Jahera, Jr.

Distance education is making it so that location is not relevant anymore for graduate education. You can break out of the geographic limits, and I think that’s beautiful.

Can you imagine having military students in Afghanistan currently taking your course? In the Department of Finance, distance education is making this a possibility for students in various other locations.

In 1989, distance education became integrated into the Auburn University Department of Finance. Of course, at that time, the delivery was quite different than it is today. Snail mail was the only way to disseminate class lessons on cassette and video tapes. With advances in technology, the department was finally able to create audio and video formats of class lessons available online. Also, online multimedia has allowed for finance professionals from New York to speak to students here in Auburn without ever leaving the Big Apple.

Through Embanet, a learning platform that is similar to Blackboard, students are able to download class lectures to their iPods or through streaming video in less than 30 minutes after the class is taught. The Media Production Group here at the university has been particularly helpful in making this a possibility. You might think that online videos just create one more reason for students to skip out on or not pay attention in class. However, the online videos are intended for distance students only so restrictions are placed on access to those who are enrolled as distance students.

Dr. John Jahera is the Colonial Bank Distinguished Professor and Department Head in the Department of Finance. He believes that graduate education will begin taking advantage of more media-rich programs.

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