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Tech Bit #26 – Dropbox

Tech   BitFlash drives are wonderful. Everywhere you go, you have your saved files with you. But what if you left it at home? Or even worse, lost it? With similar convenience of flash drives, Dropbox allows you to save and sync files across multiple computers.

With 2GB of free file space, your files at work, at home, or on your phone can all be synced. Installing the Dropbox client will create a folder on your computer (PC, Mac, or Linux). Any file in that folder is synced to Dropbox’s secure online storage. You then can access the file through the Dropbox client or download the file from the website.

As an added benefit, Dropbox folders can be shared. If a colleague drops a file into a shared Dropbox folder, you immediately have access. Plus revisions are saved in case an older version is needed.

But please remember, due to FERPA issues: NO student data should never be saved to Dropbox.

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