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Tech Spotlight – Dr. Norman “Ed” Youngblood

Dr. Norman Ed Youngblood

Dr. Norman "Ed" Youngblood

The students have been really positive about [embedded videos]. By giving them a little more context, it encourages them to do a little more reading.

With one bit of HTML, discussions are becoming more engaging in Blackboard. Dr. Ed Youngblood’s journalism students are focusing on is the conversion of The Reporter, the Department of Communication and Journalism alumni magazine, to an online version. By posting video tutorials from YouTube into Blackboard discussion posts, his students are learning about HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), WordPress, and podcasting. The tutorials, which relate to class readings, are helpful in showing students how to use these tools.

Embedding a video in a discussion post is relatively easy: select the Discussions tab, Create Topic, and Blog Topic. In the Description box, HTML coding may be used to format information that you want to post for your students. To embed a video, simply go to YouTube and copy the embedded code from the description box to the right of the video that you would like to use. In Blackboard, paste the embedded code into the Description box for the discussion post and check “Use HTML.” When students view the posting, the video will appear just as it would on YouTube. Not only are students able to view the video within Blackboard, but they are also able to type comments right under the video while viewing it.

Dr. Ed Youngblood is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication & Journalism. His interest in future teaching methods include creating video tutorials as well as audio files in response to questions submitted from students via e-mail.

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