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Tech Spotlight – Dr. Guofu Niu

Dr. Guofu Niu

Dr. Guofu Niu

This type of [multimedia], if we can use it effectively, I would say is certainly helpful.

It’s not magic. It’s Camtasia Studio! Used in conjunction with the Windows XP tablet, these two programs combine to create wonderful teaching capabilities. In Dr. Guofu Niu’s Semi Conductor Electronics and Digital Electronics courses, students have the opportunity to go online and view what they learned in class as if they were sitting back in the classroom all over again. This method of teaching is very useful for students who happen to miss a class, do not fully understand the material reviewed in class, or for students with learning accommodations.

Camtasia is a screen recording software that records graphic memory from the computer. Since it is basically recording from inside of the computer, the quality of the graphics are just as clear as if they were pulled up on the desktop. Camtasia is useful for classroom teaching as well as for tutorials. The tablet allows for the creation of continuous slides using a program called Windows Journal. After the slides have been prepared, with, say, a diagram, a special pen may be used to write additional information on the tablet which will display on the screen. And if you make a mistake, no worries; just flip the tablet pen over and it will act as an eraser on the screen. This tablet pen also serves as a mouse to move around and select various options on the computer.

Dr. Niu is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. In addition to teaching classes, he has also set up an ad hoc network (an intranet for a set number of computers) for lecture purposes. This allows him to pull up students’ work from his own computer, and presenting their work on the projector using Classroom Presenter. Samples of his lectures are available to view. Click Number 5 for an example of the pen tool.

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