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Tech Spotlight – Dr. Jennifer Adams

Dr. Jennifer Adams

Dr. Jennifer Adams

The students really like [multimedia] because it’s a new skill set
that they can add to their résumés.

Students at Auburn University are staying on the cutting edge of journalism. In the Multimedia Journalism course taught by Dr. Jennifer Adams, students are fully equipped at the beginning of the semester with a video package including a camera, tripod, and various other items that are relevant to their field. Using software such as SoundSlides and Audacity, these students are well equipped for future careers in the transitioning field of journalism.

With SoundSlide, students are able to create flash movies with pictures literally sliding from one side of the screen to the other. SoundSlide also allows users to apply sound to the photos to fit the function of the message, from music for an entertainment aspect to speaking for tutorials and other explanation of the material being presented. SoundSlide is much like a video which students can edit using Final Cut Express; the only difference is that still shots are used in place of a continuously streaming film. This is a feature that is becoming a highly popularized method of delivering stories on newspaper websites. However; even on a more fundamental level, such as in the classroom, SoundSlide may be an option alongside PowerPoint in giving presentations. With Audacity, users of this sound editing software can manipulate the sounds on their projects, for example, by slowing or speeding the pace of the speaker’s voice. The goal for some of the Multimedia Journalism students is to have their projects posted on the website for The Plainsman.

Dr. Jennifer Adams is an Associate Professor of Communication & Journalism at Auburn University and Faculty Advisor of The Plainsman. Her research interests include convergence and how it affects newsroom employees.

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