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Turnitin Feature Update

Below is an e-mail received from Turnitin about feature updates coming out Tuesday, December 4th.

“On Tuesday, December 4th we will be launching a few small updates for the Originality Report. These updates were based on feedback we have received from our users and include:

1. The ability to allow students to view Originality Reports on an assignment by assignment basis

Previously instructors had to set the preference to allow students to view Originality Reports on a class by class basis. Giving the instructors more flexibility in this option (by allowing it to be set assignment by assignment) allows instructors to use the service to fit the needs of their individual classes. This change will also bring the stand alone service more in line with the service offered in integration (instructors using Turnitin through Moodle, ANGEL, WebCT, Blackboard, ect. have had this option for some time now).

This option will be found under the advanced assignment options in the assignment creation screen.

2. Information on how many times a paper has been submitted to an assignment.

In the upper right corner of the Originality Report there will now be a field marked “Submitted:” followed by a number. The number will indicate the number of time the paper has been submitted to the assignment. In cases where instructors allow students to resubmit to the assignment (using the advanced assignment option to allow overwrites until the due date) this new informational field will give instructors the ability to monitor their students’ submission activity.

3. A lower match priority for matches to the student paper database

Many instructors have informed us that if there was a match between two student papers and a match for the same text to the internet, they would prefer to see the internet match first (as they believe the internet to be the most likely original source of the text). In the past there was no priority set on any database in our system (matches to internet matches were as likely to be displayed as matches to student papers). We have changed this so that if the same quality match for a section of text is found in both the internet database and the student paper database, we will display the match to the internet in the cumulative view of the Originality Report (both matches will still appear in the Single Source mode of the Originality Report)

4. If a match to a paper in one of the instructor’s own classes is found the source link will display the class, assignment, paper id, and author information

Previously if an instructor had an Originality Report with a match to a paper in his or her own class, the text of the matching paper would be displayed but the instructor would receive no indication of where the paper came from. This change will give the instructor information regarding the origin of the matching paper. Please note, this information will only be available for matches to papers in the instructor’s own classes; matches to papers in other instructors’ classes or in other institutions will not display any of this information. This information will not be displayed in the student view of the Originality Report (the text of the matching paper is also omitted from the student view of the report).

You and students may also notice a slightly updated look and feel in the Originality Report. The information panel and tool bar in the Originality Report has been slightly altered to appear more like the GradeMark information panel.”

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