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Tech Bit #21 – Backing Up Respondus

Tech BitRespondus is a great tool for creating multiple quizzes and uploading them to multiple Blackboard courses. However, Respondus’s unique file management system may lead to confusion on how to backup your files. But it is possible to backup all your quizzes to a flash drive or any other location. We recommend doing this at least once a semester, just to ensure you always have your quizzes handy. And since Respondus 4.0 is now available, now is a good time to backup those quizzes!

As a final note, if you have trouble running Respondus or if all your classes do not show up in the course list, you can fix this issue by reinstalling Respondus. Uninstall the software, then delete the Respondus Projects folder (C:\Respondus Projects). Be sure to backup your quizzes before deleting! Then reinstall Respondus and it should run properly. Otherwise, give us at call at 844-5181.

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