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Tech Bit #20 – iTunes U and non-iPods

Tech BitOver 750 podcasts are now available on Auburn’s iTunes U and all of these files can be downloaded and synced to an iPod. But this does not mean you must have an iPod to view iTunes U content. Any MP3 or MP4 player can play the podcasts (MP4 players are required for video). For example, if you recently purchased the new Zune HD (or have an older model Zune), the Zune software can automatically import all podcasts downloaded through iTunes.

If you don’t have a Zune or an iPod, the podcasts can still be added to your personal player. Copy the files from the iTunes U directory to wherever your MP3/MP4 files are saved. The iTunes U library is located at:

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\iTunes U

Mac OS
HDD > Users > USERNAME > Music > iTunes > iTunes Music > iTunes U

And remember, you can always play a podcast on your computer directly through iTunes U.

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