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Tech Spotlight – Dr. Randy McDaniel

Dr. Randy McDaniel

Dr. Randy McDaniel

I want this to be a mobile program so that students, wherever they are, can access us.

Ten years ago, Dr. Randy McDaniel envisioned having class on the phone. Now, ten years later, he and his department are rapidly approaching that possibility. Since students are becoming more engrossed in technology, Dr. McDaniel is interested in incorporating cell phone text messaging into courses by allowing students to respond to survey questions from their cell phones. This would allow students to use a skill that they are comfortable and familiar with (cell phone texting) and applying it to their course material. He also has plans to have his distance learners record and upload their presentations to YouTube so that the local students will be able to visualize the distance learners while in the classroom.

Dr. McDaniel also uses Poll Everywhere to conduct surveys with students who are physically present in the classroom as well as students who are enrolled in the course from a distance. Poll Everywhere allows for the instructor to pose a multiple choice question, and students are able to respond to those questions from their computers in the classroom or at home. One fascinating aspect of about Poll Everywhere is that the class is able to watch the results come it live. Other forms of technology used in this department include Blackboard chat room, Real Media, Wimba Live Classroom, and podcasts for students to download MP3 and MP4 audio files that students can listen to while on the road.

Dr. Randy McDaniel is currently the Wayne T. Smith distinguished professor in the College of Education. His specialization is in rehabilitation and special education. Dr. McDaniel praises the technology that he uses in his courses for the interaction it provides if it is used properly.

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