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Tech Spotlight – Dr. Kimberly Walls

Dr. Kimberly Walls

Dr. Kimberly Walls

Welcome to the new classroom … but this is not the typical room with four walls and one door. In the Department of Music Education, Wimba Live Classroom is used to teach research methods, music education curriculum, and multimedia production for music instruction. Most music education students lead double lives as students and teachers, and Wimba Live Classroom has become a maestro learning tool within this department. With Live Classroom, professors can be prepared to teach no matter how far away their students are located. So how far are we talking? According to Dr. Walls, Professor of Music Education, most of the music education students are distance learners, tuning in from locales such as Georgia, Texas, Missouri, and even Pennsylvania! Dr. Walls has even been able to teach guitar lessons via Wimba to students sitting right in their living rooms.

Wimba Live Classroom opens up many doors, allowing students and teachers the luxury of rewinding and replaying those memorable moments that will enhance learning and teaching. Using Wimba, Dr. Walls is able to interact with her distant students by seeing them live from their homes through her computer screen and manipulating what they see on their screens. For example, a PowerPoint that she is presenting in her physical classroom at Auburn University can also be seen on the screens of her students at home. This form of learning is ideal for professors who wish to make valuable use of their physical class-time while allowing students the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom.

Dr. Kimberly Walls is a Professor of Music Education and Program Coordinator at Auburn University. Her research interests include the learning styles of graduate students and how effective distance-learning is for them through the various uses of multimedia in music education courses. In the future, Dr. Walls envisions music education courses with more live interaction through mediums such as the Wimba Live Classroom, podcasting, and Adobe Connect, seeing each as a possibility for distance learning.

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