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Qualtrics Insight Platform

We’re excited to launch the new Qualtrics Insight Platform. Because you’re a Qualtrics brand administrator for your organization, we wanted you to be the first to know that you and your coworkers will have access starting next week.

This platform will ensure that we’ll continue to be a leader in academic research. For the first time ever, universities and institutions can gather, manage, and take action on insights from students, faculty, staff, and alumni on a single platform. In the past, universities and institutions haven’t had the technology to combine these insights and take comprehensive courses of action. But that’s all changing.

The new Qualtrics Insight Platform

  • Is a single hub for academic research, student experience insights, and faculty/staff engagement
  • Gives you the tools you need to discover and share insights
  • Automates the process of transforming insights into action

The Qualtrics Insight Platform brings it all together, and you’ll soon have access.

Preview Period
Starting next week you’ll be able to switch between the current Research Suite and the new Qualtrics Insight Platform. We want to reassure you that

  • You can switch back and forth between the new and current version during the preview period
  • You can access all your existing reports and data during the preview period and after the transition
  • All active surveys will be unaffected

With the Qualtrics Insight Platform, most new features are enabled immediately. A few features will need to be enabled by contacting your sales representatives.

Visit our support page for a complete overview of the new Qualtrics Insight Platform.

Additionally, consider attending our live webinars:
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