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Student Self-Help

  1. Before delving into the issue, please contact your instructor. Sometimes something may not work in Canvas and it’s because the course/assignment/file/quiz isn’t published or it’s a broken link. There’s nothing we can do in these situations as your instructor will need to publish the item(s) or fix the link.
  2. If your instructor says everything is correct, then try basic computer maintenance, which fixes most issues. This is especially important if it works on another computer or no other students are having trouble.
    1. Update the computer. Windows or Mac
    2. Ensure both Flash (for Canvas) and Silverlight (for Panopto) is installed and up-to-date
    3. Try clearing the cache: Windows or Mac
    4. Try Firefox (Canvas in particular works best in Firefox)
  3. If you need help on how to do a task, please try the online student help:
    1. Auburn’s Canvas Help or General Canvas Support
      1. If the issue persists, file a help ticket directly through Canvas (Help > Report a Problem)
    2. Auburn’s Panopto Help or General Panopto Support
      1. If Panopto is requiring you to log in, then you’re not accessing Panopto through Canvas or are using a unsupported browser. Be sure to click “Panopto Recordings” within Canvas and to use Firefox.
  4. If none of the above helps, e-mail the information to IMG.

    Please be sure to include the following:

    1. Your username as well as your instructor’s
    2. Course information (i.e., ENGL-1100-002)
    3. Computer information (browser, PC/Mac, wifi/wireless)
    4. Steps taken so far (cleared cache, updated browser, etc)
    5. Issue in detail (especially any error codes or screenshots, if possible)

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