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Bug affecting grade uploads in Canvas

A new bug has developed in just the last couple of weeks in Canvas: you receive a “page error” when you try to upload a .csv file of new grades. Several faculty have filed Help Tickets which we have escalated to Instructure. We have had no indication of when it will be fixed. For now, Canvas engineers are telling us to delete the “read only” columns in the .csv file prior to uploading it. It seems the system is trying to create new assignments for these columns and, of course, it can’t –

I fully understand that this bug is going to cause much frustration and upset; please be assured I am working to have it fixed as soon as possible. I sent rather strongly worded emails to our Customer Care Rep and others I  know at Instructure last Friday; I expect some action on their part today. Please continue to file Help Tickets if you run into this problem.

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