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Panopto/Canvas Issues

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the Canvas/Panopto connection issues. The problems have been resolved; the integration has been restored. We have also enabled the new widget that displays the Panopto folder contents within Canvas:

  • In Firefox, Chrome, and Safari: You will now see the contents of the class Panopto folder loading in the Canvas window. You will not need to open Panopto in a new tab.
  • You will be able to record from this new display; instructions are available here:
  • If you have created a drop box in your Panopto folder for students to record to: they will be able to record from the new display. Instructions for students are available here:
  • Updating the Panopto Recorder on your machine is recommended but not mandatory.
  • If you need to copy content from old folders: You will need to log in to Panopto to do that – you can’t do it through this new display. If you don’t see the folder you need when you log in, contact IMG.

However, if you are using Internet Explorer: You will not see the new display of the folder contents in the Canvas window. You will still have to click to open Panopto in a new tab. This is a bug that Panopto knows about. Everything will work as it did.

Please don’t hesitate to contact IMG with any questions or problems.

We’re sorry to report that the connection between Canvas and Panopto is again down. I have contacted Panopto support.

For now: if you need to record a class, log into the Recorder directly and record to any folder. We’ll help you move files later.

Those of you who have recordings scheduled on remote recorders: you’re fine. That process is not affected.

I apologize for these outages; please know we are doing all we can to fix the problems.

The engineer has figured out the problem between Canvas and Panopto, but we need to consult with Instructure tomorrow to fix it.

In the meantime, we have restored the old version of the integration and you are free to record your classes using the Panopto link in Canvas now. But, it will look like the old integration: You’ll have to click to open Panopto in a new tab, no matter what browser you use.

If you have recorded classes to other folders in Panopto: please contact IMG tomorrow and we’ll help you move them.

Thank you for your patience; we will get the issue addressed so that we can use the new method of displaying the Panopto folder in Canvas.

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