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Lockdown Browser and Languages

We recently recieved a question regarding the Lockdown Browser and non-English keyboards. I contacted Respondus and this is their workaround:

Switching between different keyboards such as English and Russian, is feasible in LockDown Browser. However, for Windows systems the students may need to change the modifier keys as certain key combinations are blocked for security reasons.

Prior to starting LockDown Browser, students can go to Windows 7->Control Panel->Region and Language->Keyboards and Languages->”Change Keyboards…”->Advanced Key Settings->”Change Key Sequence” to change to a key sequence that is not blocked. (Windows 8/8.1 settings may be slightly different from Windows 7/Vista.)

For LockDown Browser-Mac, students can go to System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts->Input Sources.

We suggest the instructor provide the students with a LockDown Browser-required practice quiz so students can test the input language switching prior to taking an exam. Ideally, we suggest two copies of the practice quiz, one without and one with the LockDown Browser requirement so students can check the settings with Internet Explorer first followed by LockDown Browser. (LockDown Browser uses the same system components and settings, which also makes up IE on Windows.)

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