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i>Clicker Registration Purge

Forwarding information from i>Clicker:

Every summer, we conduct a purge of the national i>clicker registration database. This year, the database purge will occur on Monday, August 4th. During the database purge, all i>clicker remote registrations entered on or before July 31st will be removed from the database. We are writing to let you know how the database purge might affect you and your students.

Please note: if your students register their i>clicker remotes through your campus LMS (e.g., Blackboard, Moodle, D2L), no action is required.

How might instructors be affected? 

A vast majority of instructors will not be affected by the database purge. When an instructor syncs his/her course roster in i>grader, the student registration information is downloaded from our national registration database and saved locally with the instructor’s i>clicker software. Changes to the database will not impact data that has already been downloaded. As a general rule, if your students register at, you should ask them to register (or re-register) their remotes at the start of each academic year.

What about instructors teaching with i>clicker over the summer?

If they haven’t done so already, instructors should sync their course rosters in i>grader before August 4th. If an instructor does not sync the course roster before the database purge, he/she will need to ask students to re-register before doing so. The student polling data will not be affected, as it is saved locally with the instructor’s i>clicker software.

How might students be affected? 

Students will only be affected if the instructor does not sync the roster before August 4th. In that case, students would need to re-register their i>clicker remotes.

Why purge the database? 

When students register their i>clicker remotes at, the data is stored in a national registration database. Because i>clicker allows students to share or sell their remotes, it is possible to have more than one student registered to the same i>clicker remote ID in the database. This is not a problem unless two students who are registered to the same i>clicker remote also enroll in the same course. To minimize this possibility, we purge the database each year and ask students to re-register their remotes.

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