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Panopto Updated to 4.6

Please see below for some major changes to Panopto:

  • On Friday, May 9, Panopto was upgraded to version 4.6, a version with some major changes. Details can be found here on their website: , but the two main changes you’ll notice are
  • A new user interface – much more viewing space and a clean, new layout. Some items/info have moved.
  • Ability to search – called SmartSearch – within the video. You can search for words the speaker has said, words on screencasts or a in PowerPoint presentations, or even words written on a chalk or smart board.
  • A new recorder: you will need to install the latest recorder. Instructions are in Panopto.
  • The best part of this new integration: Faculty automatically get creator status. You don’t have to call IMG and ask to be added any more.
  • Do call IMG if you need to copy files from old Canvas folders so we can add your Canvas/Panopto credentials to that folder.
  • Students will use this same process to record to a drop box folder for your class, too.
  • Finally, please be careful when posting links directly to Panopto recordings. Students will have to go through the Panopto Recordings tool before the links will work. Please call for more information.

Don’t hesitate to contact IMG with any questions



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