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Adding Department Heads/Chairs to Canvas Courses

Over the last few weeks, the Canvas Admins have been unable to fulfill faculty requests to add a department head, department chair, or dean to a class from previous semesters in Canvas for annual review purposes. This email provides an explanation and a recommendation to address this situation.


Canvas has two “conclude” dates that directly affect any enrollment:

  • The “soft conclude” date is the course end date, set by IMG when the term is set up in Canvas. For Spring 2014, the soft conclude date is May 6, 2014 at 7 pm. Before this date, the instructor of record can add the department head, etc. as a teacher so that person will have access for annual review next year.
  • The “hard conclude” date is the date Banner sets for the end of the term. For Spring 2014, the end of term/hard conclude date is July 30, 2014.
  • Between the “soft conclude” date and the “hard conclude” date: Only the Canvas Admins can enroll a department head, etc. in any class for that term. Contact IMG; we’ll be glad to help.
  • However, after the “hard conclude” date: No one can be enrolled in a class for that term.


If faculty members anticipate a department head, department chair, or dean needing access to a Canvas course for annual review next year, the faculty member will want to add that person as a teacher during the current term. To add someone between the “soft conclude” date and the “hard conclude” date for the term, contact IMG.

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