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Time Allowed for Quizzes Clarification

We’ve had a few questions on how Canvas handles duration (or time allowed) for quizzes. Hopefully the following examples can clarify:

Let’s say you have a quiz set up with the following settings:
Quiz Duration (or Time Allowed): 30 minutes
Available From: 8:00 AM
Available Until: 9:00 AM

Now let’s look at three different students taking the same quiz.

Student 1:

Student begins quiz at 8:05 AM. At 8:35 AM, the quiz auto-submits as the time allowed for the quiz has expired.

Student 2:

Student begins quiz at 8:15 AM. At 8:25 AM, her computer crashes (or internet dies, power goes out, etc) and she’s logged out of Canvas. At 8:30 AM the student logs into Canvas again. She can resume the quiz where she left off, but the duration clock has not paused. This means she has 15 more minutes to finish the quiz, not 20 minutes.

Student 3:

Student begins quiz at 8:45 AM. Even though the duration clock is 30 minutes, the quiz ends at 9:00 AM and auto-submits the student’s work. Duration does not take precedence over Availability dates/times. When the Available Until date/time occurs, the quiz is auto-submitted.

Another note: Canvas auto-saves student responses. So if their computer crashes, they should be able to resume around the same place they left off. This auto-save includes essay type questions, but we don’t know how often essay questions are auto-saved.

Please let us know if you have any questions on setting up your quiz.


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