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Important information about the RealMedia (Helix) server

The Helix server currently hosting RealMedia files will be taken off-line on May 15, 2014.

Many files and accounts on the server are quite old and are not used anymore, but some may still play an active role in teaching and learning at AU. We’d like to help you identify those files and arrange for them to be backed-up/copied/moved to a new system.

Please review the files that you have on the RealMedia server.  If you need help moving your existing files to a new environment, please e-mail IMG with the following information about your files by March 15, 2014:

  • Is the file type .rm (RealMedia) or some other file type?
  • Do you need help converting your .rm files to a more universal format?
  • Do you need storage on the new server or do you have an alternative location for these files?

For questions or comments, please contact Kathy McClelland in IMG at 844-5181 or


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