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Announcing Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering App now with Grade Sync

August 19th, 2014 IMG Posted in Publishers Comments Off on Announcing Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering App now with Grade Sync

From Pearson:

Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering plugin now includes the ability for instructors to easily synchronize grades from their MyLab & Mastering course into their Canvas gradebook. No action is required by administrators or instructors to install or activate this new cloud-based feature.  The grade synchronization capability was made available for all users on July 31.

Instructors may access grade synchronization by going to the MyLab & Mastering tools page within their Canvas course. At the top of the page they will see a new button labeled “Grade Sync.”

Frequently asked questions about the Grade Sync Update

Q:  I’m teaching a course that will be active during the update time.  How will this impact my course?

A:  Instructors will notice a new “Grade Sync” tab in the header of MyLab & Mastering Tools area of their Canvas course. This tab indicates that grade synchronization is now available for their course. Instructors must opt-in to use grade synchronization.

Q: I’ve been manually transferring grades from MyLab & Mastering into my Canvas grade book. Can I start using the grade sync?

Yes, you can use the grade sync feature.  Care should be taken to ensure that you don’t end up with duplicate columns in your Canvas gradebook.  To avoid duplicate grade columns, be sure to only select the individual grade columns you wish to synchronize with your Canvas gradebook.  The grade synchronization process will not insert MyLab & Mastering grades into a manually created Canvas grade column.

Note, if your MyLab & Mastering course was created before July 26, 2014 (or was a copy of a course created before July 26, 2014) you will need to make sure the grade columns in the Pearson course are enabled to sync with your LMS.  For courses created after July 26 no configuration in the MyLab & Mastering course is necessary.

Q: Do I have to use the grade synchronization feature?

No, the grade sync process is opt-in. Grades will only be sent from MyLab & Mastering if the instructor elects to do so.

Q:  What if I pair my new MyLab & Mastering course with my Canvas course today, but I don’t set up grade sync until later?

That is fine. You can use the grade synchronization feature when you are ready.

Q:  I’m copying my Canvas and MyLab courses from last semester.  How will this impact grade sync?

A:  Because your MyLab course was created before July 26 you will need to go into the MyLab and enable the grade columns to sync with your LMS.

Q:  Are there any differences in copying my Canvas and MyLab courses from last semester than creating a new course?

A:  Yes!  If instructors choose to copy the Canvas course from last semester, then link that with a copy of the MyLab & Mastering course from last semester, all of the content area links, MyLab & Mastering assignments, etc. will copy into the new courses.  However, the old grade sync settings also copy, including the MyLab grade sync settings, so be sure to enable the MyLab grade columns to sync with the LMS before clicking on the Grade Sync button in Canvas.

If you have additional questions, or need additional information, please contact your local Pearson Representative.

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