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Reef Attendance Tool Webinar

March 31st, 2017 IMG Posted in i>clicker Comments Off on Reef Attendance Tool Webinar

Reef (by i>Clicker) will showcase their upcoming Attendance Tool on Thursday, April 4th at 1 PM. Although currently in private beta, once released it should integrate with Canvas (as it’s part of the Reef software package).

If you’re interested in the webinar, you may sign up online.

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Introducing i>clicker and REEF Polling by i>clicker

February 17th, 2015 IMG Posted in i>clicker Comments Off on Introducing i>clicker and REEF Polling by i>clicker

i>clicker, one of Auburn’s student response system, also has a little-known secret: REEF Polling by i>clicker. REEF Polling is the new and improved i>clickerGO. With this solution, students may use their devices (ie: phone, tablet, laptop) instead of a physical clicker. Giving instructors the ability to offer more choices to students, they can have a mix of both devices and remotes in their i>clicker classroom. REEF Polling will send screen captures of in-class questions to the students’ device, creating a study guide for them to access at any time. REEF Polling is a cheaper alternative to the physical remote, but does require sufficient WiFi in the classroom. This interactive demonstration will show the features and functionality of REEF Polling alongside physical, i>clicker remotes.  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to this demonstration if you’d like to join in the fun!

When: Tuesday, February 24 from 10-11am
Where: 246 Foy Hall
Regrets:  If you cannot make the presentation, Mandy will be happy to meet with you at another time. Just email her with your available times and location.

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Important i>clicker Product Changes

November 13th, 2014 IMG Posted in i>clicker Comments Off on Important i>clicker Product Changes

From i>clicker:

1. All i>clicker remotes will now ship with a complimentary digital access code.

Both the i>clicker 2 remote and the i>clicker + remote will no longer be available as standalone products. i>clicker will now offer a package for both i>clicker + and i>clicker 2 that includes a standard remote and complimentary access to our digital solution, i>clicker GO.

This change is in response to feedback from our clients, as well as research that shows providing both a standard remote and a digital solution allows for a smoother transition to a digital classroom. If WiFi infrastructure in particular classrooms is not sufficient for a digital solution, students have access to hardware as an alternative.

2.  As of December 31, 2014, students who purchase a used remote will be charged a one-time fee of $6.99 to register their remote on our national database at

Annually, 50% of our remote registrations are from students with a used remote. In order to continue delivering support to all of our student clients, this fee is needed to cover our costs.

Students can purchase a remote registration code via your campus bookstore on a physical card or online through the i>clicker registration Web page.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, the used remote registration fee does not apply to students who register their remotes through a Learning Management System (LMS) or via a locally-hosted database. This will change for subsequent semesters.

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i>clicker and SSL v3 Vulnerability

October 16th, 2014 IMG Posted in i>clicker Comments Off on i>clicker and SSL v3 Vulnerability

From i>clicker:

You have likely heard of the recent potential security vulnerability of SSL v3. As an appreciated and valued customer, we wanted to let you know as soon as possible that we are aware of this issue and let you know that your faculty users could experience issues using i>clicker as a result of this vulnerability.

Technical Explanation: i>clicker software versions 6.4.1 and earlier utilize the SSL v3 communication protocol. As a result, clients using i>clicker 6.4.1 and earlier versions of i>clicker may experience issues with LMS integrations, which includes roster sync and grade upload. So far, we have reports of issues with Canvas, Sakai, and Blackboard due to these companies disabling this communication protocol to mitigate any potential risk for secure http (https) connections.

Steps we are taking:  We are diligently working on an update, v6.4.2, which will utilize a different security protocol to replace SSLv3. All i>clicker 6.x (and earlier) users will need to update to this version to avoid disruptions with LMS integrations. This update should be available sometime next week. In the interim, instructors can continue to use i>clicker 6.4.1 with manual LMS integration rather than i>clicker integrate if it is necessary for them to sync a roster or upload grades. We plan to communicate with faculty tomorrow afternoon to alert them of this issue as well.

There remain some potential issues that relate to this same issue:

  • i>clicker GO communicates with the GO servers using SSL v3. We are going to be updating the GO communication protocol and anticipate no issues with the usage of GO in class.
  • The i>clicker registration database also uses SSL v3 to communicate with i>grader for Sync and other functionality. Again, we anticipate no issues with registration data communications.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and will update you immediately if necessary. As soon as the software update is available, we will communicate directly with you.

Thank you for your support of i>clicker. If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this message or call, and we’ll be back in touch right away.


Sarah and the i>clicker team

Sarah Martin
Director of Client Services
Macmillan New Ventures
office: 713.344.0791

mobile: 646.599.7524

skype: smartin1015

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i>Clicker Registration Purge

July 28th, 2014 IMG Posted in i>clicker Comments Off on i>Clicker Registration Purge

Forwarding information from i>Clicker:

Every summer, we conduct a purge of the national i>clicker registration database. This year, the database purge will occur on Monday, August 4th. During the database purge, all i>clicker remote registrations entered on or before July 31st will be removed from the database. We are writing to let you know how the database purge might affect you and your students.

Please note: if your students register their i>clicker remotes through your campus LMS (e.g., Blackboard, Moodle, D2L), no action is required.

How might instructors be affected? 

A vast majority of instructors will not be affected by the database purge. When an instructor syncs his/her course roster in i>grader, the student registration information is downloaded from our national registration database and saved locally with the instructor’s i>clicker software. Changes to the database will not impact data that has already been downloaded. As a general rule, if your students register at, you should ask them to register (or re-register) their remotes at the start of each academic year.

What about instructors teaching with i>clicker over the summer?

If they haven’t done so already, instructors should sync their course rosters in i>grader before August 4th. If an instructor does not sync the course roster before the database purge, he/she will need to ask students to re-register before doing so. The student polling data will not be affected, as it is saved locally with the instructor’s i>clicker software.

How might students be affected? 

Students will only be affected if the instructor does not sync the roster before August 4th. In that case, students would need to re-register their i>clicker remotes.

Why purge the database? 

When students register their i>clicker remotes at, the data is stored in a national registration database. Because i>clicker allows students to share or sell their remotes, it is possible to have more than one student registered to the same i>clicker remote ID in the database. This is not a problem unless two students who are registered to the same i>clicker remote also enroll in the same course. To minimize this possibility, we purge the database each year and ask students to re-register their remotes.

Please send any questions or concerns to

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Spring Classes in Canvas and i>Clicker Workshop

October 11th, 2013 IMG Posted in Canvas, i>clicker Comments Off on Spring Classes in Canvas and i>Clicker Workshop

1. Spring 2014 classes in Canvas will be available to faculty and course designers beginning Monday, October 14, 2013. Students will have access to the classes beginning Dec. 20, 2013. If you do not see your courses on the Canvas Course List, please check with the Banner schedule builder for your department to be sure you have been listed as the instructor for the courses.

You may find that your Course Listing in Canvas is now long and unwieldy; use the instructions on this page to customize the list and display only the courses you wish to see:

2. To help you prepare for Spring 2014: IMG is sponsoring an i>clicker workshop: Oct. 23, 2013 at 9 am.  Come meet the i>clicker rep, Mandy Gunnell, and see an interactive demo of the system. Mandy will show both i>clicker 2 and i>clickerGO, the bring-your-own-device, mobile solution. Limited seating. Please register here:

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i>clicker and Canvas Help

September 5th, 2012 IMG Posted in Canvas, i>clicker Comments Off on i>clicker and Canvas Help

The following is out-of-date. Please see the i>clicker support page for help on i>clickers.

From i>clicker:

You may be experiencing an issue with the i>clicker/Canvas manual import/export, depending on the student ID that you’re having your students register with. The integration currently maps the gradebook information to the student’s Canvas ID, but there are two other possible IDs in a Canvas user’s profile that your campus may be using for their roster ID. These values are named SIS ID and SIS Login ID and are already part of the import/export file. If you are using one of these other IDs, you will not see any remote registrations when syncing with Canvas.

We are addressing this issue as part of the i>clicker v6.2.2 release that will be out mid-Fall. In the meantime, here are the steps instructors should take as a workaround:

Exporting Roster from Canvas:

  1. Follow user guide to export, save, and name the Canvas gradebook csv in the proper folder.
  2. Open the file, copy the student data from either the “SIS ID” or “SIS Login ID” column (whichever one the instructor has asked students to register with) and paste it into the “ID” column. Do not change the column header names.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Follow sync steps as described in user guide.

Importing Scores to Canvas:

  1. Follow the user guide to export scores from i>grader.
  2. Open the Uploadfile.csv, delete the student data in the “ID” column. Make sure to leave the empty column with “ID” header.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Follow sync steps as described in user guide.

If you have any questions, contact i>clicker at  Technical Support: 866.209.5698  M-F 8am-10pm CST or

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iClicker and Canvas

July 30th, 2012 IMG Posted in Canvas, i>clicker Comments Off on iClicker and Canvas

The following is out-of-date. Please see the i>clicker support page for help on i>clickers.

The i>clicker/Canvas integration is up and running! To find the instructions, please click on this link and look for “Canvas” under “Instructor CMS Import/Export User Guides”:

Students WILL need to know their Canvas ID number to register their clickers/complete the integration. Students can find their Canvas ID number in one of two ways:

  1. Find it themselves
  2. Find it published as a grade – this involves faculty publishing the number through the grade book.

IMG has created two help files that explain each process:

  1. (Students) Find out your Canvas ID
  2. (Faculty) How to publish your students’ iClicker ID

Please feel free to include a link to the student “How to find your Canvas ID” in your Canvas courses.

Both are available on the Canvas Help pages: Faculty Help or Student Help

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