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Canvas e-mail and addresses

Friday, August 28 by IMG

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From Instructure regarding and addresses:

Canvas now verifies incoming mail sender addresses against the address originally sent from a Canvas notification. This change may affect institutions that may use an additional email from their mail account, such as and; any replies originally sent from Canvas with the simple domain would be returned to Canvas as the additional domain. If users are not able to view their email replies in Canvas, their account may have been affected by this email verification where Canvas cannot recognize both mail accounts as the same user. Users can update their email address for notifications in their Canvas user account and match the email with the incoming mail sender.

This change resolves a fixed bug in Canvas:

Explanation: When a user received a notification that can be used to reply (such as conversations and discussions), the user was able to forward the notification to a third-party user, who could reply to the email and have the reply appear in Canvas. This behavior allowed people other than the original user to reply to the notification and occurred because Canvas was not verifying the incoming mail sender. Canvas code has been updated to verify incoming mail and not allow replies from third-party senders with a different email address.

Additionally, this change also resolves extraneous email invitations that can be created through social networks such as LinkedIn. Canvas email notifications are viewed as an individual contact that can be invited to join these social networks. Canvas notifications are also picked up as a contact when a social network asks to review email addresses in a user’s address book and send invitations to non-enrolled users.

I notice that your account matches the situation described in the release notes, as you have both your … and … addresses listed. My guess is that this is happening because your *sending* email address (as configured in your email client) does not match the email address to which we sent the specific notification message to which you’re replying. Your sending address seems to be the … address (based on the emails you’ve sent in connection with this case). I’m guessing that the situations in which you can’t get your emailed message-replies to go through happen when you are replying to the version of the notification message that we sent to your “…” address.

You currently have your account configured so that we’re sending a copy of each notification you receive to each address. Would it cause any problems for you to disable the notifications to the address so that we only sent messages to the address? That way, you could reply to any notification you received without having to worry about which address we sent that particular copy to.

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Scantron Drop off Change

Tuesday, August 25 by IMG

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Due to the impending Mell Classroom Building and other construction at RBD Library, the OIT HelpDesk drop off will be replaced with a more centrally-located drop off on Foy Concourse at the Biggio Center/Testing Services entrance effective August 17, 2015.
The new test scanning drop off location is adjacent to Chicken Salad Chick on Foy Concourse (see photo below).


The new drop box is located to the right of the Testing Services entrance (see photo below).


The OIT Building drop off and reception area will remain operational.  Although the HelpDesk drop off point is closing, you can count on continued prompt service regarding your test scanning needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of us if you have questions about this change.
War Eagle!

Ellyn Hix
Interim Executive Director, Office of Information Technology

Diane E. Boyd
Director, Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

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Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-07-18)

Monday, July 20 by IMG

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Adobe Connect Upgrade (07.07.15)

Monday, July 06 by IMG

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Adobe Connect will be unavailable on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 from 12:00 until 2:00 pm so that it can be updated to version 9.4.2.

Contact IMG with any questions or concerns.

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Teacher Tools, new app from Instructure

Thursday, June 18 by IMG

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Canvas Maintenance Tuesday, June 23rd (Unavailable for Two Hours)

Tuesday, June 16 by IMG

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From Instructure:

We’ll be performing maintenance on your Canvas instance on Tuesday, June 23rd starting at 1:00 AM CT. Your users will not be able to access Canvas for up to 2 hours (until 3:00 AM CT). We hope that this maintenance will take less time than estimated; a maintenance page will be displayed to users while Canvas is not accessible.

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Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-06-06)

Monday, June 08 by IMG

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Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-06-06)

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Student Self-Help

Tuesday, June 02 by IMG

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  1. Before delving into the issue, please contact your instructor. Sometimes something may not work in Canvas and it’s because the course/assignment/file/quiz isn’t published or it’s a broken link. There’s nothing we can do in these situations as your instructor will need to publish the item(s) or fix the link.
  2. If your instructor says everything is correct, then try basic computer maintenance, which fixes most issues. This is especially important if it works on another computer or no other students are having trouble.
    1. Update the computer. Windows or Mac
    2. Ensure both Flash (for Canvas) and Silverlight (for Panopto) is installed and up-to-date
    3. Try clearing the cache: Windows or Mac
    4. Try Firefox (Canvas in particular works best in Firefox)
  3. If you need help on how to do a task, please try the online student help:
    1. Auburn’s Canvas Help or General Canvas Support
      1. If the issue persists, file a help ticket directly through Canvas (Help > Report a Problem)
    2. Auburn’s Panopto Help or General Panopto Support
      1. If Panopto is requiring you to log in, then you’re not accessing Panopto through Canvas or are using a unsupported browser. Be sure to click “Panopto Recordings” within Canvas and to use Firefox.
  4. If none of the above helps, e-mail the information to IMG.

    Please be sure to include the following:

    1. Your username as well as your instructor’s
    2. Course information (i.e., ENGL-1100-002)
    3. Computer information (browser, PC/Mac, wifi/wireless)
    4. Steps taken so far (cleared cache, updated browser, etc)
    5. Issue in detail (especially any error codes or screenshots, if possible)
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Panopto maintenance scheduled for Saturday (05.30.2015)

Thursday, May 28 by IMG

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Please be sure to note this announcement in Panopto:

Your Panopto site will be offline for scheduled maintenance starting at Sat, May 30, 2015, 7:00 PM CDT for up to 3 hours

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Upcoming change with Canvas and Etherpad

Monday, May 18 by IMG

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On June 6, 2015, Canvas will no longer host new Etherpad collaborations because Etherpad cannot integrate with Canvas user authentication. Users that have links to existing collaborations will see a warning message notifying them to migrate any necessary content before August 8, when all Etherpad collaborations that are hosted by Canvas will be permanently deleted. As a product alternative, users can also create Google Docs collaborations in Canvas.

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